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Runewards is a free-to-play competitive strategy card game pitting you against other players in an epic duel of wits and tactics. In addition to this, Runewards is a game about anticipating your opponent's moves and out-smarting your foe in any way you can. The game is easy to learn but hard to master. Once you open the game, you have to build your own deck and let the fun begins! Some of the features are as below.

-Unique Races and Heroes:
The game will initially launch with 3 Races, each with its own unique Heroes, Units, Abilities, Spells and mechanics. Within the Game board you have to decide how to play. Each move you make can win or lose you the round or even the match itself.

Recognizing your opponent's strength and weaknesses. Knowing, that if your opponent bluff in his moves or holds the answers to your own. In Runewards, the match is played in a best-of-3 rounds. Will you give up this round to do a comeback in the next? Or will you put all you have and let the winner takes it all.

Play against your friends or other players online, try your skill in Ranked Matches. Leagues will be played in 'Seasons' - Where you can climb to the top of the ladder in a League we called "Archon".

-Short and Sweet:
Each game design to last several minutes. You can hop in for a quick game whenever you like or take the time to climb up the competitive ladder.

-Free to Play:
You can earn new cards just by playing the game. Daily quests, special achievements and League rewards will allow you to earn Gold, which can be used to buy Golden Chests - containing new cards you can add to your card collection.

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